How To

Updated at: 2022-02-13.

How To Use the Tracking Code?

  1. Register and Verify your account (OR) Login to your account if already registered signed up a plan.
  2. Click on (+)Sign at the Top-right corner.
  3. Type your URL (Ex:
  4. Set the Privacy of your Analytics Wall Pages (1) Private - No one can access. (2) Public - Can view anyone (3) Password - Access by Password.
  5. Check Email Notification checkbox for periodic email reports. (Once a month)
  6. Enter Exclude IPs (one per line - optional), Exclude URL query parameters (Optional)
  7. Check if you want to Exclude bots visitors.
  8. Copy and Paste Tracking Code to or section of your website.
  9. Finally, click Save.

    1. New Website Setup Screen Shot
      How to use the Analytics Wall tracking code.